Maintenance Services

Our technical advisers, unlike with many investment companies, are “industry guys”. They have comprehensive backgrounds in PV and solar and are trained in the intricacies of each of the technologies we deal with. Our team of engineers spread throughout the country can provide rapid proactive maintenance when a fault with a site is spotted. We have a guaranteed response time of 3 hours, and we won’t break that promise.

Our specialist monitoring technicians analyse site data on a daily basis to spot trends within specific park in order to preempt problems and set them right before they occur.

Our in-house HV team means that we do not have to subcontract repair and maintenance work. Our engineers are highly qualified, meaning they can fix anything, and local, meaning that you won’t be waiting for days, or even more than a couple of hours, for a solution to the fault on your site. We keep a sensible amount of spare parts in off-site storage units, so we can be confident that you won’t be left in the lurch having to wait for parts to arrive.