About Us

Brighter Green Engineering Limited is an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contractor specialising in the solar industry with operations in the UK.

We were founded to fill the gap in the market for an O&M offering that conducted all aspects of operation in-house and with quick response times.
Listening to our customers, we discovered that processes with other O&M providers can be drawn-out weeks by the outsourcing of each skill and the build-up of response time of each respective party. We thought we’d make life a little easier and offer everything you need from one place. No outsourcing, no fuss.

We believe that customer service and relationship management is integral to the success of our business and with that, our promise is to provide you with fast and reliable service with contractors that you can trust while we work together towards a brighter, greener future.

Key Differentiators

We know you’ve got to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the marketplace, so here’s how we do it. We…

  • …take full responsibility, as a vertically integrated O&M specialist, for all aspects of your solar park
  • …are bankable. We’ve got a parent company guarantee from Foresight that it will cover any costs that can’t be met by BGE. With that promise, we are able to guarantee that we will be able to honor the fully-inclusive site maintenance that we promise to our clients.
  • …provide industry leading guarantees on resolution times, rather than the industry norm of delayed response times.
  • …offer guaranteed returns on investment for your solar park
  • …use proprietary algorithms and bespoke software to get earlier insights into future potential issues