Asset Management

Brighter Green Engineering make a 99% availability guarantee on their sites at all times. If your site’s performance dips below the 99% output line, we’ll pick up the slack for it. Our bespoke software can track each asset on each site, maintaining records for faults and maintenance found and carried out on site. This data will be collated monthly and customers will receive a comprehensive annual report and summary of their site, detailing all maintenance, both proactive and reactive, down time and response times. For each site under management, customers will be provided with a direct line to a single account manager whom they can trust that will handle the day-to-day workings of the site and be the first port of call for any and all problems. When it comes to the maintenance of the components of a solar farm, many are repaired with no thought to the restrictions and specifications of the warranty. We ensure that all of our engineers are certified to fix each of your parts, and if they are not we will find someone who is so as not to void the protection of any warranty your farm is under. Should there be a warranty claim, we can use the maintenance and monitoring data that we collect on a 24-hour basis to support any request for compensation or repair.

BGE will be accountable for the storage and relocation of any spare parts required for the site. Due to the value and fragile nature of components of a solar farm, in order to comply with warranty regulations this storage can be costly and require a lot of space, none of which needs to be your problem anymore.