Testing and Inspection

This is the area in which we feel we stand head and shoulders above other O&M providers. There are regulations according to which the testing and inspection of a solar farm must be carried out, and we take them seriously to ensure both that your plant remains under warranty, and that it operates with the optimum efficiency. Our AC/DC and module thermography is completed to BS64226 standards which ensures the correct testing and treatment of the modules. Our module thermography testing checks for hot spots on each module in order to determine which panels contain any broken elements while AC/DC complete the same testing at the point of DC connection.

Our IV and Curve testing measures the current and voltage of the panel depending on the sun in order to determine how well each module is working and where the weaker areas in the panels lie. To compliment this testing, BGE’s flash testing will determine the amount of energy produced by each panel with optimum irradiance, this will help to indicate when a panel that, whilst still functioning, is beginning to weaken.

Our monthly fault analysis reports will give a thorough breakdown of these tests and will detail the types of faults that are typical on your particular site and what can or has been done to minimise damages and optimise efficiency. This fault analysis goes in detail to look at the source of the problem, rather than simply correcting the symptoms meaning that once repaired, you can be sure the problem will not occur again. While this sounds like a simple job, when you’re analysing a site of over 100 acres, this can get quite complicated!