Value Added Services

Our team are fully certified in accordance with SSMSTS health and safety standards. We conduct a review of all of the site’s systems when we take over the site initially to ensure that all regulations, including technical, warranty and health and safety, are met to high standards and should not cause a problem on the site later down the line. Our land management reviews demonstrate our continued findings in these inspections and include references to all planning permissions needed on the site and a site ecology report which highlights what methods can best preserve the biodiversity of the site. Often measures have been taken to preserve biodiversity but are then abandoned, so we work to get these initiatives off the ground again to bring the site back up to standard.

Site optimization involves checking the initial design of the site, involving aspects such as the angle of the panels and the way the wiring has been completed. If necessary, our engineers will put in place processes to improve these designs to make the site as efficient as possible.